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Known as flowering maple, parlor maple, Chinese lantern or Chinese bellflower, abutilon is an upright, branching plant with leaves that resemble maple leaves; however, abutilon isn’t a maple and is actually a member of the mallow family. It is often grown as a houseplant, but can grow in the garden. Abutilon is a type of warm weather plant that grows in tropical or sub-tropical climates. Although hardiness varies, abutilon is suitable for growing in zones 8 or 9 and above. In cooler climates, it is grown as an annual or an indoor plant.
ABUTILON APRICOT GLOW - 4-8 feet tall, 3-4’ wide. Blooms red and coral apricot repeatedly all year. Zones 9a-11
ABUTILON MOON CHIMES8-10 feet tall, light green leaves are often variegated with white and yellow, soft yellow, 2-inch flowers above dark green foliage. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON ORANGE HOT LAVA – 4 feet tall in winter. The flowers are clear orange, highlighted by red bloodshot-eye-like veins. Each flower is held tight by a dark burgundy stand. Zones 7b-11,
ABUTILON PINK - reaches 8-12 feet tall and wide, Handsome, mounding evergreen shrub with showy, drooping, soft pink blooms throughout the year. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON RED - Attractive evergreen mound formed by many graceful stems with maple-like rich green leaves and drooping showy bell-like flowers make this a choice specimen or container plant. Gets 8-12’ tall and wide. 20F minimum. Partial to sun. Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Blooms Spring through Fall. Zones 9 - 11.
ABUTILON SALMON 6 feet tall and wide, indoors or outdoors produces stunning, salmon-orange flowers; green maple-like leaves often variegated with yellow and white; features bold salmon bell-shaped flowers with orange overtones along the branches from early spring to late winter. Its attractive lobed palmate leaves remain green. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON VARIEGATA - 4-6 feet tall, tender houseplant has maple-like leaves with flowers any season, but mainly appear during the summer and fall with high light and warm temperature. Yellow-green flecks create a constellation of irregularly shaped spots. As a houseplant it should have high light and be kept close to room temperature to keep it growing and flowering. Zones 8-11.
ABUTILON WHITE - Fast grower to 12 feet tall and wide. Handsome, evergreen mounding shrub displays showy, drooping snow-white blooms throughout the year. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON YELLOW - will grow and flower in a spot sheltered from the wind. Do not place it in a spot with full sunlight. Water on a regular basis and fertilize every 2 weeks. The fertilizer will ensure flowers spring, summer and fall, 1 foot tall and wide. Zones 8-11.