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ACACIA ANEURA - (Mulga) - grows into a medium size moderate, long-lived evergreen gray green foliage tree, 15-20 ft. high and as wide with an upright branching structure and open foliage habit comprised of. Bright yellow flowers from mid to late summer, well adapted to heat, sun, aridity and extended periods of summer drought, and tolerates cold temperatures to 20°F, landscape plant in desert-style gardens where it is considered to be a low maintenance and trouble-free tree. It grows well with average winter rainfall and performs well with low amounts of irrigation during summer.
ACACIA BAILEYANA - Evergreen tree with fragrant yellow clusters of flowers it will bloom early to mid-winter. the foliage is a feathery grey blue creating a graceful tree as a single or multi-trunked specimen. It can grow up to 30′ tall and 40′ wide. It prefers full sun and tolerates little to no water when established. Zones 9-11.
ACACIA COGNATA - Evergreen shrub 2-3' tall x 3-6' wide with green fine textured foliage. Full sun, light shade well drained soil. Hardy to 20-25 F. It will accept little, occasional, or regular watering, low-growing, mounding form. The leaves can be red-tinged in new growth or from frost but mature to a rich emerald green, hardy to 15°F but the tips may freeze around 20-25° F. Tip damage may not be as damaging as it is to the tree form. When growing in a container, fertilize with a low or coated phosphorus product. A great plant for informal mounding along a dry steam bed, rock garden, tumbling down a slope or as a large potted specimen.
ACACIA LONGIFOLIA - Golden Wattle - Evergreen shrub 10-20' h x 10-20' w. Full sun. Drought tolerant. Sea coast tolerant. Yellow flowers in spring. Hardy to 20-25 degrees F. A. latifolia
ACACIA MELANOXYLON - Black Acacia - Large evergreen tree to 40' tall x 20' wide. Full sun.
ACACIA PENDULA - A small, slow-growing upright tree to 25 feet tall by 15 feet wide with weeping branches and silvery blue-gray narrow 2-3 inch long leaves. This very attractive tree is bushy and full when young and often takes on interesting ghostly shape with age. Drought resistant. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F.
ACACIA REDOLENS - A low-growing shrub to 1-2' tall,10-15' wide with dense habit and much branched with stems covered with narrow gray-green leaves. Small vanilla scented yellow flowers appear in spring but are not very showy. Plant in full sun to light shade. Tolerant of very dry conditions and requires no irrigation once established in coastal gardens and infrequent watering in hot inland areas and grows well in moderately alkaline soils and windy coastal situations. Hardy to 15 to 20 degrees F. It can be used as a low groundcover if widely space so the plants don't build up against each other. A great groundcover, especially on slopes.
ACACIA SALICINA - Evergreen tree with creamy yellow flowers that will bloom most of the year heaviest in fall to winter. Long dark green leaves up to create a semi-weeping form on a fast growing tree. It can grow to 40′ tall and 15′ wide. It prefers full sun and will tolerate little to no water when established. Zones 9-11.

ACACIA SALIGNA - Evergreen shrub or small tree with deep golden-orange flowers. Blooming heaviest in spring. Foliage is narrow blue – green leaves 6-12″ long. Fast growing up to 30′ tall and 20′ wide. Prefers full sun and tolerates little to no water once established. Zones 9-11.

ACACIA SMALLII - Moderately fast-growing deciduous tree to 15-30’ tall x 15-25’ wide. Highly popular in arid climates, this attractive species is vase-shaped in youth, to eventually develop an airy, more rounded canopy with age. Small bright-green leaves are accented with fragrant, powder-puff-like golden-yellow flowers that appear in early to mid-spring. Flowers are followed by bright-green, bean-like seed pods that eventually mature to light brown. This relatively small-growing tree is well-suited for open areas, as a courtyard specimen, or as a large planter box centerpiece, thorned-branches should be considered when choosing a planting location. Tolerates a variety of soil types provided they’re well-drained, requires little water once established, and thrives in a full to partial sun exposure. Zones 8A-11.

ACACIA STENOPHYLLA (Shoe-String Acacia) - An open, quick-growing tree to 30' tall by 20' wide. Very long narrow and slightly twisted, drooping leaves lightly clothe weeping branches. Small rounded creamy yellow flowers appear in late winter/spring followed by clusters of brown seed pods. New bark is maroon. A good tree that provides light shade in drought tolerant gardens. Hardy to about 20-25 degrees F.

ACACIA SUBPOROSA - Fast-growing evergreen tree or large shrub to 20-30’ tall and wide. This tough yet very attractive Australian native features gracefully weeping branches clothed with dense, narrow, billowing bright-green foliage that makes this durable species a visual standout in the landscape. Abundant, lightly-fragrant, powder-puff-like creamy-yellow flowers appear near the branch tips late-winter into spring, followed by small, bean-like seed pods that eventually mature to light-brown. With its beautiful weeping appearance, this selection is impressive in most any setting, but is especially well-suited as a bushy accent or background, as a patio, courtyard or entryway tree, or as an attractive large container specimen. Prefers a well-drained soil and while capable of surviving with little water once established, a more robust specimen is achieved with moderate watering. Tolerates coastal conditions where it can thrive in full sun, prefers filtered sun to light shade in warmer inland climates. Zones 9A-11.


ABELIA CONFETTI - Evergreen glossy leaves with subtle white variegation turning maroon as weather gets cold creating winter interest. Plants bloom in summer thru fall with small fragrant whitish-pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Dense and compact shrub which is great for borders or foundation planting. Rather low maintenance shrub. Full sun to partial shade. Well drained soil. Height: 2′-3′. Spread: 4′- 5′. Zones 6-11.
ABELIA EDWARD GOUCHER - Evergreen shrub with light lilac-pink bell shaped flowers. It will bloom typically summer through fall when the leaves will take on a bronzy tone with lower temperatures. Compact form growing up to 3′ tall and 5′ wide with a lacy arching form. It prefers full sun and regular water. Less hardy lacier and more compact. Zones 6-11.

ABELIA GRANDIFLORA - Evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub with light pink bell-shaped flowers. It will bloom typically summer through fall when the leaves will take on a bronzy tone with lower temperatures. It will lose most of leaves at 15’F. It can freeze to the ground and recover next spring to bloom. Grows up to 8′ tall and 5′ wide. It prefers full sun and regular water. Zones 6-11.
ABELIA PROSTRATA - Low growing compact plant 1.5 – 2 feet high spreading 4-5 feet wide with brilliant red flower bracts. Makes a good foreground shrub. Useful as a ground cover or for planting on a bank. Best in full sun. Tolerates mimimal shade. Zones 6-11.


Known as flowering maple, parlor maple, Chinese lantern or Chinese bellflower, abutilon is an upright, branching plant with leaves that resemble maple leaves; however, abutilon isn’t a maple and is actually a member of the mallow family. It is often grown as a houseplant, but can grow in the garden. Abutilon is a type of warm weather plant that grows in tropical or sub-tropical climates. Although hardiness varies, abutilon is suitable for growing in zones 8 or 9 and above. In cooler climates, it is grown as an annual or an indoor plant.
ABUTILON APRICOT GLOW - 4-8 feet tall, 3-4’ wide. Blooms red and coral apricot repeatedly all year. Zones 9a-11
ABUTILON MOON CHIMES8-10 feet tall, light green leaves are often variegated with white and yellow, soft yellow, 2-inch flowers above dark green foliage. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON ORANGE HOT LAVA – 4 feet tall in winter. The flowers are clear orange, highlighted by red bloodshot-eye-like veins. Each flower is held tight by a dark burgundy stand. Zones 7b-11,
ABUTILON PINK - reaches 8-12 feet tall and wide, Handsome, mounding evergreen shrub with showy, drooping, soft pink blooms throughout the year. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON RED - Attractive evergreen mound formed by many graceful stems with maple-like rich green leaves and drooping showy bell-like flowers make this a choice specimen or container plant. Gets 8-12’ tall and wide. 20F minimum. Partial to sun. Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Blooms Spring through Fall. Zones 9 - 11.
ABUTILON SALMON 6 feet tall and wide, indoors or outdoors produces stunning, salmon-orange flowers; green maple-like leaves often variegated with yellow and white; features bold salmon bell-shaped flowers with orange overtones along the branches from early spring to late winter. Its attractive lobed palmate leaves remain green. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON VARIEGATA - 4-6 feet tall, tender houseplant has maple-like leaves with flowers any season, but mainly appear during the summer and fall with high light and warm temperature. Yellow-green flecks create a constellation of irregularly shaped spots. As a houseplant it should have high light and be kept close to room temperature to keep it growing and flowering. Zones 8-11.
ABUTILON WHITE - Fast grower to 12 feet tall and wide. Handsome, evergreen mounding shrub displays showy, drooping snow-white blooms throughout the year. Zones 9-11.
ABUTILON YELLOW - will grow and flower in a spot sheltered from the wind. Do not place it in a spot with full sunlight. Water on a regular basis and fertilize every 2 weeks. The fertilizer will ensure flowers spring, summer and fall, 1 foot tall and wide. Zones 8-11.