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AGAVE AMERICANA - Large Agave americana variety with broad leaves that arch and curl with a green central band and yellow to white stripes along the leaf margins. AGAVE AMERICANA MARGINATA - is one of the most graceful and largest of the variegated Agave americana varieties. AGAVE AMERICANA MEDIO-PICTA - has yellow variegation running down the middle of the leave instead of the edges. This slow grower does fine in partial shade and will tolerate freezing temperatures with only minor problems. As with all precious plants, cover when possible. Easy to root. Zones 8-11. Sun to partial shade. Ideal Water Conditions, Moderate in summer, dry in winter. Mature Height 8’, Mature Width, 12’.

AGAVE ATTENUATA - 4-5’ tall, twice as wide, rosettes may reach 4’ wide atop a stout curving smooth gray stem 4’ tall. The wide pale green pliable leaves emerge from a tight central spear to arch gracefully back, looking a bit like large open green flower. Mature plants send up a 5-10’ vertical flower stalk that reflexes back towards the ground before arching upward again. The flowers are a pale greenish yellow and many new plantlets. Plant in full coastal sun to shade in moist or dry soils (looks best with an occasional watering). Will be damaged below 28° F.

AGAVE WEBERI - Medium sized rosette forming succulent to 4-5' tall by 6-10' wide with gray-green leaves. Full sun. Low water needs. Hardy to 10 F.

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