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ASPLENIUM BULBIFERUM - 2’ tall by 3-4’ wide with arching fronds with light green leaves and black stems. Leaflets are finely cut two to three times. Called Mother Fern because it produces plantlets on its leaves which drop off and start growing into new plants. Susceptible to snail and slug attacks. Loves shade and ample water. Hardy to 26 degrees F.

ASPLENIUM DIMORPHUM DIFFORME - Austral Gem Bird's Nest Fern, 2'x2'

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DICKSONIA ANTARCTICA - Tree Fern to 15' tall by 6-10' spread. Plant in shade in a well drained soil Water frequently. Fronds are hardy 20-25 degrees F. Trunk to <20F.

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ALSOPHILA AUSTRALIS - Beautiful, finely cut, broad, bright green fronds spread out from atop a slender trunk, creating a lush and exotic accent with a palm tree-like affect. The fastest growing of the tree ferns and a stunning specimen for adding a tropical element to large containers on patios or indoors, or in temperate landscapes. A frost-tender evergreen. Filtered to partial sun. Water often to keep soil surface moist, but not soggy. Quickly reaches 20 ft. tall, 10 to 15 ft. spread. Grows in containers, houseplants, specimens. Zones 10-11.

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