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DIANELLA CAERULEA CASSA BLUE - Clumping plant blue-green leaves to 18" tall spring blue flowers. Full sun, light shade. Little or regular H2O. Evergreen to 24F.

DIANELLA REVOLUTA BABY BLISS - Fans of blue leaves to 18" small pale violet flowers. Full sun shade. Low maintenance. Hardy to 20F.

DIANELLA REVOLUTA LITTLE REV - Evergreen clumping plant fans of green & blue leaves to 2-3'. Full sun shade. Low maintenance. Hardy to 20F.

DIANELLA TASMANICA VARIEGATA - Evergreen perennial white striped 1-2' tall leaves & blue flowers in spring. Light shade full coastal sun. Regular to occasional H2O. Hardy to 20-25 F.

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PHORMIUMS – Use as an accent, specimen, container plant or backdrop to add unique color and texture to the landscape. Foliage great for cut arrangements, evergreen. Full sun. Once established needs only occasional watering. Zones 8-11.

AMAZING RED - 3-4’ tall with dark reddish leaves.

BRONZE BABY - 4-6’ tall with dark reddish-brown foliage.

DEEP BURGUNDY - 2-3’ tall with deep burgundy foliage.

GUARDSMAN - 6-7’ with bronze-maroon leaves with scarlet margins.

JACK SPRATT - 18” tall with twisting reddish-brown leaves.

MAORI QUEEN - 5’ tall with olive-green leaves edged rose-red.

PINK STRIPE – 2-3’ tall with a broad middle stripe of pink surrounded by olive-green and bronze margins.

PLATT’S BLACK – 3-4’ tall with nearly black leaves.

TENAX – 6-9’ tall with olive-green leaves.

TOM THUMB – 2’ tall with green leaves and reddish-brown margins.

YELLOW WAVE – 3-4’ tall, leaves with central yellow band bright first emerging, fades to yellow-green by fall.

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AGAPANTHUS AFRICANUS - evergreen species that produces rounded clusters of blue, funnel-shaped flowers atop stiff, upright, leafless, fleshy stalks typically rising 18-24" tall above a dense mound of basal narrow, strap-shaped, linear, grass-like leaves. Blooms in summer. Foliage mounds are attractive when plants are not in bloom.

AGAPANTHUS ALBUS - perennial midsummer white flowerheads, in contrast with fresh green evergreen foliage. For best results grow in a sheltered, sunny spot, in moist but well-drained soil or grow in pots and move indoors in autumn. Reblooms if spent flower stems are removed. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers. Foliage reaches 1½ ft. tall and wide; flower stalks reach 2½ ft. tall.

AGAPANTHUS DARK BLUE - not difficult to grow in the garden. In mild winter areas, choose a sunny, well-drained spot and enjoy the large drumstick heads of deep blue flowers from midsummer on. In colder regions, these are best grown in a pot or tub, to be wintered indoors; in late fall, put plants into a cool basement for a couple of months, bring to a sunny window in March and begin to water sparingly until growth resumes. Attractive to butterflies. Easily divided in early spring.

AGAPANTHUS QUEEN ANNE - Moderate-growing, clumping evergreen perennial 12-15” tall and wide, tough dazzling, dependable display. Long-blooming semi-dwarf variety forms a soft mound of narrow, arching, strap-like green leaves make an outstanding texture contrast to broad-leafed shrubs. Ball-shaped clusters of funnel-shaped blue flowers throughout warmer months. Remove old flower spikes expire to promote re-blooming. An ideal choice for beds and borders, accent, edging, poolside or mass planting, a good container specimen. Tolerates variety of soil types (provided they’re well-drained) and capable of surviving on little water, more robust plant is achieved with regular watering in a full to partial sun exposure. Zones 8a-11.

AGAPANTHUS STORM CLOUD - Luxurious evergreen green foliage that tinges purple-red in winter. Deep blue flowers rise above the foliage on 3-4’ tall blackish stems in summer. Plant in full sun or part shade, with moderate water. Hardy to 20-25 degrees. Storm Cloud is a slightly smaller with smaller flowers of a darker blue.

AGAPANTHUS TINKERBELL - Dwarf 6-12” tall, narrow leaves with creamy white variegation along leaf margins and short flower stalks bearing medium blue flowers in early summer. Plant in full sun-light shadeblooms better in sun, and given regular irrigation. Evergreen 25 degrees F. Slower growing than most other Agapanthus and is shye of bloom, but its attractive foliage makes it a useful plant in the garden or in container gardening, where it can be a small potted specimen or mixed planting.

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ACANTHUS MOLLIS - A large coarse leafed perennial from Portugal which grows 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide, with large dark green deeply-lobed leaves. Vertical flower spikes, appearing in spring through early summer, are 4-6 feet tall, with tubular white-light pink blooms subtended by spiny bracts of green or purple . Plant in light shade or morning sun and water moderately. Hardy to about 5 degrees F.

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CYPERUS PAPYRUS - 5-8’ tall 2-4’ wide, Grow in wet, boggy soils in full sun to part shade, best in part shade. Grow in containers at margins of water gardens, pools or ponds. Grows well in both standing waterup to 12” and boggy soils. Tender herbaceous perennials, evergreen in zones 9-10 but must be brought indoors in colder climates in fall before first frost for overwintering in large sunroom or greenhouse. When overwintering, place container in large saucer filled with water. KING TUT is a dwarf cultivar that typically grows 4-5’ tall

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LOMANDRA BREEZE - perennial herbs with long narrow blade-like leaves that arise from a central stemless base and have thick woody rhizomes and fibrous roots. Flower inflorescences are cymes, panicles or spikes with male and female flowers on separate plants with both sexes of flowers looking fairly similar. Most of the cultivars have yellow flowers of varying fragrance that are in tight clusters and accompanied by slender spines. plants are commonly called Matt Rushes because leaves were used for weaving into mats by the Australian Aboriginal people. A majority of this first crop went to where the planting remains as an attractive large scale groundcover under Blue Gums.

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